Nolia Fasolia

By: Alexan, Julie


Nolia Fasolia
Item # 14093
Language: Arabic and English


Not everything turns out as Nolia Fasolia had imagined. She enters fundraising contest expecting that she can win by lying, but would she really be able to? This book is written in Arabic and English to promote learning Arabic in an English speaking environment. Arabic is in large clear font. (Read to ages 3+, read by ages 7+, or anyone who has learned the alphabet).

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Language: Arabic and English
Format: Softcover
Pages: 48 pages (glossary 8 pages)
Publisher: Big Kids Bilingual Books, Glendale,CA 2011
Product Dimensions: 6.25" X 5.5" X 0.25" inches
ISBN-13: 9780984431014
Topic: Children's Arabic and English Book (read to ages 3+, read by ages 7+)

And what was the price she would pay for lying? Add up the numbers and decide for yourself who the real winner should be!

This book is written in Arabic and English to promote learning Arabic in an environment where mostly English is spoken. The Arabic print is in larger font, on the same page is English as an aide. This naturally guides the eye to the bigger, Arabic font that serves as the reader's 'encouragement' to read the Arabic rather than the English that we already know. The books also open up from left to right to get the reader used to reading an Arabic book. It's like a training-wheels-for-reading-Arabic book!

The reader will find easy-to-understand definitions of diffucult words in written Arabic (fosHa) along with their translations to spoken Arabic ('ammeya) and English in an in-page mini-glossary. They will also find a full glossary at the end of the book. With an all-important touch of Arabic culture in each story, our books will surely please the reader while secretly improving their Arabic!

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