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ICO Islamic Studies Textbook: Grade 2, Part 2 (With CD-ROM)

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Language: English


Building upon the two testimonies of the Shahaadah, students are introduced to the elements of faith. They increase their knowledge of the Qur'an through memorization and recitation of Soorat al-Burooj through Soorat Ash-Sharh with short explanations for each soorah.

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Product Details

Language: English
Format: Softcover
Pages: 204 pp
Publisher: ICO
Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 27.5 cm
ISBN: 9960968146
Topic: Children Islamic-Studies

They learn additional characteristics of Prophet Muhammad (s) as well as the obligatory aspects of ablution. Practical lessons in the performance of prayer, as well as the appropriate number of rak'aat for each salah, are integral components of this grade. Students are also taught to respect the rights and property of their family, teachers, and others. The material is presented, using a spiral approach, where students revisit each area and study it in greater depth each year. The Student's Textbook contains the subject text of the lessons, exercises as well as activities.
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