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Kayf 'Asbah 'Ala' bi-la Asdiqa' ? كيف أصبح علاء بلا ـأصدقاء ؟

By: Khidr, Sana سناء خضر / Ill: Shams al-Din, Ali علي شمس الدينShare

Language: Arabic


خسر علاء كل أصدقائه، بسبب سوء معاملته لهم ولكن لم يفت الآوان، والاعتذار هو أول خطوة لاستعادتهم هذا ماقالته له المرشدة الإجتماعية. فهل ينجح؟

'How did i become Alaa without friends?', a children's story in Arabic. Alaa lost all his friends, because he did not treat them right. But it was not too late, and an apology was the first step in getting them back the counselor told him. Will Alaa succeed?

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Product Details
By:Khidr, Sana سناء خضر / Ill: Shams al-Din, Ali علي شمس الدين
Pages: 28 pp
Publisher:Hadaek Group, Beirut, 2018
Dimensions:16.5 x 23.5 cm
Topic:Arabic Story for Youth - Respect Others - Ages 8+
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