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A'l'ab Wa'il ألعاب وائل

By: Darwish, Dr Muhammad / Ill: Hariri, RafiqShare

Language: Arabic


“أصْبَحَتْ ألْعابُ «وائِل» مُمِلَّةً! لِذَلِك، قَرَّرَ اليَوْمَ أنْ يُغَيِّرَ حالَتَها. يَحْمِلُ المُحارِبُ زَهْرَةً بَدَلًا مِنَ الرُّمْحِ الطَّويل… لَكِن، ماذا حَصَلَ مَعَ الفَلّاحِ وحِمارِهِ المِسْكين؟ لِمَنْ أعْطَتِ البَطَّةُ مِظَلَّتَها؟ ماذا فَعَلَ الجَميعُ في النِّهايَة؟ ذَلِكَ كُلُّهُ سَتَعْرِفونَهُ في هَذِهِ القِصَّةِ المُشَوِّقَة.

Wael's games have become boring! So today he decided to change. The warrior carries a flower instead of a long spear ... But what happened with the peasant and his poor donkey? Who gave the duck its umbrella? What did everyone do in the end? You will all know in this interesting story.

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Product Details
By:Darwish, Dr Muhammad / Ill: Hariri, Rafiq
Pages: 20 pp
Publisher:Asala, Beirut, 2018
Dimensions:20 x 28 cm
Topic:Children's Arabic Picture Story Book - Problem Solving - Positive Thinking - Ages 6-9
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