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Ana Arabi أنا عربي

By: Zaytun, May / Ill: Zayni, AliShare

Language: Arabic


انْتَقَلَ «زَكَرِيّا» مَعَ عائِلَتِهِ لِلعَيْشِ في بَيْتٍ جَديدٍ بَعيدًا عَنْ أقْرِبائِه. وهُناك، لاحَظَ أنَّ أُمَّهُ وأباه يَتَكَلَّمانِ مَعًا ومَعَهُ كَعادَتِهِما، أمّا عِنْدَما يَتَكَلَّمانِ مَعَ النّاسِ مِنْ حَوْلِهِما فَهُما يَسْتَخْدِمانِ كَلِماتٍ لَمْ يَسْمَعْها قَبْلًا. يُراقِبُ «زَكَرِيّا» وَضْعَهُم الجَديدَ في مَواقِفَ مُخْتَلِفَةٍ، إلى أنْ يَكْتَشِفَ إجابَةً لِحَيْرَتِه تُشْعِرُهُ بِالسَّعادَةِ والاطْمِئْنان.

'I Am An Arab', a children's story in Arabic. Zacharia moved with his family to a new home far from his relatives. There he noticed that at home his mother and father spoke as usual, but outside of the home it was different. Zacharia looks at the different situations and finds an answer to his questions, and that reassures him and makes him happy.

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Product Details
Pages: 28 pp
Publisher:Asala Publishing, Beirut, 2019
Dimensions:20 x 28 cm
Topic:Children's Arabic Story - Immigration - Culture - Languages - Ages 8-10
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