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Kanz al-Muruwah fi al-Sadaqah wa-al-Ukhuwaha fi Sadaqa كنز المروة في الصداقة والأخوة

By: Abd al-Al, Sha'ban Jibril عبدالعال ، شعبان جبريل


Language: Arabic


2 volumes in one book, a book of Arabic literature on friendship and Islamic ethics in literature. The author uses collections of literature, proverbs , poetry, sermans, provisions, opinions, and more, in this exquisite title on the essence of friendship and brotherhood. A collection by Sha'ban Jibril Abd al-Al.

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Product Details
Language: Arabic
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 796 pp, 2 volumes in one book
Publisher: Dar Al Tarafayn
Product Dimensions: 17x24 cm
Topic: Islamic Ethics in Literature - Poems, Prose, Proverbs..
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