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All By Main Category (Save/PDF/Print)
To list all items within each main category, for on screen viewing or to save as PDF or print. Because some lists are large and updated daily, views are divided by Main Category.
From list below, select the main category you want to view, save to pdf, or print.
Larger lists may take longer to open depending on number of items.
Section Buttons on views will function after page load.
After opening, list may be viewed with or without images, on screen, printed, or saved.
To Save PDF on some devices
PC (Windows): Click Save PDF-Print option Button on open list.
Print destination dialog will open.
Select 'Print to PDF' with portrait layout. Preview will open.
Save for offline viewing or for printing.
iPhone: Open in Web. Tap: Share Icon>Save PDF to Books.
Android: Open in Web. Tap: 3 Dot Icon>Print>Select printer>Save as PDF>Save.


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