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Kharbush al-Qit al-Fanan خربوش القط الفنان

By: Hasamo, Ala / Ill: Shishkili, NabilaShare

Language: Arabic


«‬خَرْبوش‮»‬،‭ ‬قِطٌّ‭ ‬لا‭ ‬يُشْبِهُ‭ ‬بَقِيَّةَ‭ ‬القِطَط،‭ ‬فَهُوَ‭ ‬دائِمُ‭ ‬القِراءَةِ‭ ‬والبَحْثِ‭ ‬عَنْ‭ ‬تَجارِبَ‭ ‬جَديدَةٍ‭. ‬في‭ ‬هَذِهِ‭ ‬المَرَّة،‭ ‬سَيَعيشُ‭ ‬تَجْرُبَةً‭ ‬فَنِّيَّةً‭ ‬مُمَيَّزَةً،‭ ‬تُرى‭ ‬ما‭ ‬هِي؟‭ ‬وكَيْفَ‭ ‬سَيَدْخُلُها؟‭!‬

'Kharbush, Cat Artist', a children's story in Arabic. Kharbush is not like the rest of the cats. he is always reading and searching for new experiences. Now he experiences something artistic, see what it is.

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Product Details
By:Hasamo, Ala / Ill: Shishkili, Nabila
Pages: 30 pp
Publisher:Asala Publishing, Beirut, 2018
Dimensions:20 x 28 cm
Topic:Children's Arabic Story - Art - Cooperation - Ages 6-9
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