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Manazil fi al-Ashjar منازل في الأشجار

By: Binmuna, Hassan / Aawur, BaraShare

Language: Arabic


قَدْ‭ ‬نَسْتَيْقِظُ‭ ‬يَوْمًا‭ ‬فَنَرى‭ ‬مَنازِلَنا‭ ‬مُعَلَّقَةً‭ ‬بَيْنَ‭ ‬السَّماءِ‭ ‬والأرْض؛‭ ‬لِأنَّ‭ ‬جُذورَ‭ ‬الأشْجارِ‭ ‬رَفَعَتْها‭ ‬إلى‭ ‬الأعْلى‭. ‬تَتَمايَلُ‭ ‬ولا‭ ‬تَسْقُط‭… ‬ولَكِن،‭ ‬هَلْ‭ ‬نَسْتَطيعُ‭ ‬العَيْشَ‭ ‬فيها؟‭ ‬وكَيْفَ‭ ‬نَنْزِلُ‭ ‬مِنْها‭ ‬أوْ‭ ‬نَصْعَدُ‭ ‬إلَيْها؟

'Houses in Trees', a children's story in Arabic. We may wake up one day and see our houses hanging between sky and earth, because the roots of the trees have risen...but how do we get in or out of the house?

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Product Details
By:Binmuna, Hassan / Aawur, Bara
Pages: 16 pp
Publisher:Asala, 2018
Dimensions:20 x 28 cm
Topic:Children's Arabic Story - Innovation - Ages 6-9
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